When Brielle and Nicholas go missing Stella ends up as a suspect for the case and is put on house lockdown. How can she prove she is innocent while trying to get the two people she love back to her.


1. Brielle

I wish it was always like this 

I wish nothing had changed

Why couldn't we be normal teenage girls?



"Come on! Trust me Bri, we will be fine" Stella Diaz was still trying to convince  me that a trip to an abandoned apartment would be okay while looking at her phone anxiously. "Beside, I want you to meet somebody I know." 

That caught my attention. Stella knew me more than anyone. She knew I could be a stubborn wimp at times. But she also knew that I hated her keeping secrets from me. I would do anything to find out if she is hiding something from me. 

We were sitting in her bedroom arguing about going to the old apartment only gangsters and some college kids went too.  She was a daredevil most of the time and I was the one always always hiding in the corner never saying anything. We were an odd pair but we fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. 

"Fine!" I said after giving it some thought. " But if we see or hear anything. We are coming right back to your house. No questions asked."

"Yea Yea, whatever. Just give me your phone." Stella said not really listening to me. 

"Wait, what!? Why?" I said suspicious.

"Because your phone is one of those fancy ones that has a tracking device on it. I don't want to get in trouble because of you." She had a bitter edge in her voice and I knew what it was about. 

Last year she was the only girl in the 10th grade without a phone. Her parents were too poor to avoid it. I gave her a hand me down phone for her birthday 6 months ago and it took some convincing for her to take. I had told her it wasn't a special one. Just an old flip phone so she can call me and text me. Her abuelita and me were  the only ones who knew she had it. She only kept our numbers in there so no one would know she had it.

I gave my phone to her reluctantly but told her to keep hers with her and not leave my side once. I couldn't risk my life because of her stupidity. No matter how much I loved her. 


Thirty minutes later we were on her way to the house. Sneaking out was easy. Her parents sleep like the dead and her bedroom was on the first floor with no screen on her window. I was shaking the whole way there and Stella laughed and called me "Mi pequeño chihuahua" ( I later found out it meant "My little chihuahua")

By the time we got there it was fully dark outside and I had gotten so sick of jumping when I heard a noise I just ignored them. Stella reached for the rusted door handle and jiggled it a bit.

"Oh no its locked. Guess we better head home." I said with mock concern.

She held up one finger to me indicating for me to wait. She pulled a hair pin out of her beautiful glossy black hair and put it in the keyhole. I used this chance to look around.

The house was covered in graffiti. Three windows were shattered and there were two bullet holes through the door. I shuddered thinking someone could have been killed here. The front door mat had been torn and someone had erased the welcome and spray painted "Go Away... Or else"  

"Got it" Stella's voice jolted me back to reality. "Why don't you stay out here and keep watch and I'll see if he is in there. He texted me to say he would."

"WHAT!?" I whisper shouted. I couldn't believe she gave someone else her number. 

"I trust him with my life." She said seriously."And if anything happens to me he should be the first person you go to. Not the police"

With that she went in the house and slammed the door behind her. I stared at where she was standing a few minutes ago with disbelief then became self-conscious because my back was turned to the forest. I looked at graffiti noticing that one kept standing out. It was a vertical thick line with a dot above it and an eye below it. 

Suddenly I smelt a sickly sweet smell. I felt nauseous. I started to lose my conscience. "Stella!" called out weakly. 

Then there was a white gloved hand over my mouth. The smell got stronger.  Stella's piercing scream was the last thing I heard.

And then I was out cold.







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