Trapped By Cipher

Danni DeLindra had a, what you may call, normal life. Well, as normal as you could get in the small town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Then one day the local owner of The Mystery Shack's niece and nephew, Dipper and Mabel, came to stay. Little did they know, they had something watching them. Something...... Otherworldly. Then things got weird. With Danni, Dipper, and Mabel stuck in a dream world, what will happen to the- wait. We shouldn't go on this far. Learn for yourself. Enter the book. Find out yourselves.... But know this: A darkness approaches, and one day you will live to see it...... One day.....


1. Where Are We?

Danni's POV


We heard the voice seconds before it all happened.

"You are all my puppets now..."

"Dipper, did you say something?" Mabel asked.

"I didn't say anything..." Dipper answered his sister.

Then we all passed out, at least, I think we all passed out.

I don't remember...


​Dipper's POV


I saw Mabel and Danni pass out. It was right after we heard the voice. I walked over to them and leaned down. Then I heard the voice again.

"You didn't fall, Pine Tree? Hmm.... I know."

Wait, Pine Tree? Oh no...

Then I started to feel drowsy. I fell forward onto the ground, face millimeters away from the floor. I was getting more tired by the second. Right before I passed out as well, the voice spoke one more time.

Bill spoke one more time.

"Have fun Pine Tree, Shooting Star, Sword."


Mabel's POV


I was the first to wake up.

It was very dark, the only light coming from what seemed to be stars. Then something moved beside me. I jumped, then I realized it was only Danni and Dipper waking up too.

"Mabel?" Danni asked, "Where are we?"

"Yeah," Dipper agreed, rubbing his head.

"I don't know." I answered. Then a voice came out from the darkness.

"Welcome," it said. "Welcome to the dream world! My name is Billie Tri Cipher. Daughter of Bill Cipher. This is my sister, Bailee Trois Cipher, and my other sister, Belle Tres Cipher."

Then two other voices came from the darkness.

"Welcome," they both said. Then a guys voice came from the darkness too.

"Welcome to your nightmares, Pine Tree, Shooting Star, and Sword."


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