Caitlyn Iriwn

This story follow 17yr old Caitlyn Irwin and her life in the spot light. Although she has never actually done anything great her father Ashton Irwin has. Caitlyn is in grade 12 of high school and lives in Sydney Australia. Her best friends name is Claira hood (Calum Hood's Daughter).

0I mi piace

1. Welcome to My World

 Jackson Hood

Claira Hood

 Phoebe Hemmings 

Chapter One: Welcome to my World

Hi my name is Caitlyn Irwin I am 17 years old and live in Sydney Australia. Yes my dad is the drummer from 5 Seconds of Summer Ashton Irwin. I don’t really like my life in fame but there’s nothing that I can really do about it.
I attend Northwest Christian College Sydney and this is my finally year of school there. After that I don’t really know what I am going to do. Probably travel and do aid work then go to university.


Anyway today is my last first day of school and I am so bumbed that dad isn’t here to experience it. He is in America signing some deal.

The house is really quite as usual because it’s only ever me, dad and mum. Sometimes Uncle Harry stays with us because he likes it here but other than that this big mansion is mostly empty.

I start my morning by washing my face then ducking downstairs to get a bite to eat. I grab a yogurt and fruit salad before making my way up the stairs to get ready. Today has to count and I have to look good. (one of the disadvantages of being a celeb baby)

I log onto my computer and Skype with Claira. She is basically like my cousin, but were not related. Her father is Calum Hood from the band that my dad’s in. She tells me that she wants to pick me up today and that we can just go to the beach after school. I really wanted to drive today but if she goes to the beach alone god knows what would happen. (perks of being a celeb baby- license earlier)

I am almost completely ready when my mum barged into my room, “Hey honey, can you come down stairs I have a surprise for you” Omg I think to myself did dad come home. I rush down the stairs but dad isn’t there. But there is another nice surprise my grandmother and Aunty are here.

I run over and hug them and they say how crazy it is that I am in the last year of school. I never see my Aunty Lauren because she is always away being her great self. As I am talking to them my phone buzzes. It’s a text message from dad.

Dad: Give them HELL today baby!!! Hope you have a great start to an even greater year!!! Sorry I couldn’t be there… But I will make it up to you XoXo

I quickly text him back saying thanks. Before I know it is already 8am and the familiar beep of Clairas horn sounds. I say goodbye to my family and leave.

In the car waits Claira and Jackson (Clairas twin) Jackson is so hot and every girl wants him but I can’t. Because that’s wrong right? Also in the backseat is Phoebe (Uncle Lukes daughter) She’s a grade younger but still hotter than all of us combined. Dam it why is she so perfect and her golden locks are so long. Life is just not fair.

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