Internet Girl

"Sometimes I don't know what I would do without my blog. It's my lifesaver." Roselyn is a 17 year old blogger who is from Brighton. She blogs about everything in her life. With one post Roselyn's life will change.

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1. Chapter 1


'Hello babes, how are you? Well, I hope that you guys are good. It's been awhile since I've been on here but, I promise I will post more.  As you guys know I want to see One Direction in concert on Friday but, I don't think it'll happen. Lately, I've been busy with updating my fashion look book, and coming out with sketches for my new blog layout' 

When I'm done posting I go to my closet finding some clothes for the day. Finding clothes is really hard on some days because you want to look casual and well put together like you at least tried. Instead of standing in the closet for an hour I go with a Rotita print crop top with a black skater skirt. I began to do my daily makeup routine. When I'm done I curl my hair and grab my satchel. I picked some white converse to complete my look. 

"Mum I'm headed to the shops, and I'm going to be with Ella today. If you need me just text me. Love you"

Before I grab my keys mum walks into the kitchen handing me something. 

"Roselyn this was in the mail today, and make sure you be careful today. Remember no texting and driving. Love you darling" mum says before walking out of the kitchen. 

I head to my car with the box and letters in my hands. Once I get all buckled up. I let the car warm up a little, and began to take a look at the mail. I go for the box since it's the biggest. On the top of the box it reads 'Roesyln xx' I open up the box to find tickets to the One Direction concert. Who would send me these I thought to myself. I put the tickets in my satchel so I don't lose them. I grab the letter and began to read. 

'Dear Roselyn, 
I know how important it was for you to attend the One Direction concert. I hope you are happy that you have tickets now to go. I can't wait to see you Friday. Bye babe xx'
P.s. I love your blog

I back out the of the drive way. Heading to the shops in town. While driving I end up turning on the radio hearing Photographs by Ed Sheeran play.  I began to sing the words. 

Loving can hurt
Loving can hurt sometimes
But it's the only thing that I know
When it gets hard
You know it can get hard sometimes
It is the only thing that makes us feel alive

Before the song ends my phone starts to ring.  I put my phone on speaker. 


"Hey Roselyn," Ella says

"Hey El, I'm driving can I talk to you when I find a parking spot" 

"Yeah sure, let's meet in Starbucks"

"Ok see yeah soon"

Wow, it's really crowded today in town. I wonder why. I finally find a parking spot. Before I get out I put the card in my bag and grab my sunglasses. I began to take some money out for the car park meter. Once the money is in I walk across the street to Starbucks. I walk to the cashier waiting for her to take my order. 

"What could I get you today," she said politely

"I will have an Ice cinnamon dolce latte" 

"Your total is £5.97"

I hand her my credit card saying thank you to the cashier before walking to the table. I pick a table outside because it's nice out. When I sit down I pull my iPad out and go to my blog reading all the comments. As I drink my latte l saw one comment in particular that stood out to me. 

'Turns out your wish came true. Have fun at the concert love'

I put my iPad away and turn towards the window waiting for Ella to come. After being at Starbucks for 20 minutes, Ella walks in. We talk for awhile before leaving Starbucks to go visit the shops. 

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