Aphrodite's Struggles

Aphrodite has just been awakened to Mars, the gorgeous god of war. But what happens when Hephestas gets jealous?


1. The Hottest God on Olympus.

I woke with a start, not recognising where I was, and sat up. And then I remembered the previous events and smiled deviously, and sank back on to the Pegasus down feathers. I rolled over to face my newly spurned lover, who was already awake. He reached out, and brushed a strand of my chocolate hair off my face.                                      "Good morning sweetheart," he said, his eyes firey.                                           "Good morning handsome," I replied, and I slipped out of bed. Ares did the same.                                                       I glanced out the window of the guest room of Zeus' Palace and sighed. 

Last night had been lovely. All the gods on Olympus had been invited to a banquet in the palace, but my husband, Heaphestus had vanished almost immediately, to fix a fountain or something. 

The moment he went, Ares came, we danced the night away, stumbled across a guest room, and, well, we couldn't help ourselves. 





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