The Boy Next Door

Emma meets the guys next door and they hit it off. But will Emma be able to deal with the hate? Find out by reading the book


2. Meeting the Neighbours

(Emma's POV)

Me, Chelsea, and Avery were having a sleepover and we found out that some boys that were our age moved next door. Avery and Chelsea were looking out my window looking at them and I was too shy to look so i laid on my bed scrolling through Instagram when Chelsea and Avery ducked because one of the boys looked at them and i was confused, I had a stupid moment. The guy was looking over here and i waved, he gave a faint wave.

Avery and Chelsea were telling me to shush but instead i screamed "HEY GUYS R U GONNA BE BIG BABIES OR R U GONNA SAY HI TO THE NEW NEIGHBOR!" they got so pissed off and waved annoyed then looked at me mad. We went down stairs my mom was about to leave for a business trip with my stepdad my mom kissed me and chelsea's foreheads and gave avery a hug. After they left we went next door to meet the new neighbors. When we got there Chelsea and Avery tried to run away but before they could go i grabbed their shirts and pulled them back. Still holding onto them i made them both knock on the door.

after a couple seconds a blue and purple head guy opened the door

"Hello, im Emma! This is Chelsea and this is Avery." i said with a wide smile

"Well Hello im Micheal nice to meet you." The guy at the door said

Chelsea and Avery stood there shyly

"So would you like to come in?" Micheal said

"sure" i said pushing Avery and Chelsea in through the door and into their living room and onto their couch.

"Hey who was at the door?!" i heard someone scream from the kitchen

"The neighbours come meet them!" Micheal said

then a curly haired guy walked in and Avery's mouth flew right open

"Hey Avery close your mouth before you get flies stuck in there" i said laughing and Avery blushed a deep shade a red

"Awwww Avery why are you blushing, aww u like him!" i said laughing harder then everyone started laughing and Avery's face just turned completely red. After a few moments later a black haired boy walked in.

"Who are you people?" the guy said

"Well nice to meet you to, but im Emma, This is Chelsea and Avery" i said and Avery and Chelsea waved

"Nice to meet you Emma,Chelsea,and Avery. My name is Calum" the guy said

"U guys need to stop staring at them its very rude!" i said laughing while look at Chelsea and Avery.

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