A most beautiful enemy.

Lyall is not normal. Nor is Nebit.
But a string of wild events cause both their wolds to be thrown into chaos.


2. A strange smelling cat.


Nebit stared at the boy in the clearing. He was kinda hot, with copper hair, tanned skin, and with the most beautiful eyes. She stepped out into the clearing. His clear eyes focused on her, and he gave a weak smile. "Hello. I am Lyall." He said. "Who are you, and may I ask what you are doing out here all on your own?" "I'm live here" She answered, truthfully. "You here?" He said, incredulously. "Yes," she answered, "Don't you?" "No," he replied disbelievingly. "Listen, I'm a bit lost. Can you help me find my friends?" He stood up and sniffed the air. Nebit joined him. She walked around the clearing. Ah, yes! There! The same scent as the boy, but not. . . "Lyall? Is this them?" He turned round, standing next to her. "I'm sorry," he said. "But all I can smell is you." He blushed slightly, as did she. "Come on," she said. "I'll take you to them." "Why?" He asked. "I'll be fine, honestly." Nebit gave a sad smile. The poor thing. He honestly had no idea. "Well," she said, carefully, not wanting to scare him. "There are things in these woods that are," she paused " not so nice. For example they will kill you on sight."

Lyall grinned, not taking her seriously. "Yeah, sure. There are only Cats, Wolves and Humans that are clever enough to do that." Nebit shuddered. She hated wolves. They had destroyed her home, and even if they hadn't, she was a cat. It was natural.

"No," she murmured, the images of her dead family still flashing through her mind, "there are things out there. Fairies and Elphs. They are dangerous. "

He simply laughed. "Yeah, sure" Nebit sighed. This would be the only way to make him see, but she would enjoy it. She whistled. The air grew hot and crackled. A burst of flame grew from the ground. Lyall drew back staring around, fear in his fascinating eyes. She smiled. The flame took shape, changing into a 15 year old tom, before solidifying, and the last of the flames vanished. A boy now stood next to her. She slipped an arm round his waist. He had very pale skin, in contrast with his smokey black hair. His eyes looked like the dying embers of the fire, and behind him, fanned out two wings that looked as if they could have been made of smoke. Nebit stretched up, and kissed his cheek. "Why the dramatic entrance?" He just laughed. "I thought I saw a newbie," he glanced at Lyall, who looked a bit shell shocked. "Lyall, this is Ogoa Vatre, but we call him Vatre for short." "What is he?" Lyall stammered. Nebit could only smile. "Vatre is a Hells Angle, a minion of the Devil, an Angel of Fire, of death, a child of fire." Vatre bowed. "Why the dramatic introduction, baby?" Nebit could only smile at him. She did love Vatre, she really did. But at the moment, she loved Lyall's expression even more. "We?!" He squeaked, "There are more of it"?, and Vatre frowned. "Hey listen. I know my appearance can be a little alarming, but I'm not an 'it'. Would you prefer this?" Vatre morphed into a human boy, with blue eyes instead of Amber. She didn't like this. He looked normal.

Just as Vatre changed back, a small ginger haired boy crashed into the clearing, followed by an even smaller girl.

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