Challenge accepted | M•C

"I'm going to be babysitting you for over two months and your saying that you will never even kiss me?" Michael said with a smirk plastered on his face.

"I know I won't." I snapped back.

"Let's make a little challenge then. If you can stay away from me for the time your mum is away, I'll pay you £100,000. BUT if you do sleep with me, then I get you as my little slave for a whole year." Michael said with an evil grin.

"Fine! Challenge accepted!" I said confidently before shaking his hand.

"Good luck." Michael said as he shook my hand up and down.

"I won't need it." I replied.

"We'll see about that." Michael laughed and walked off.

This will be easy, right?

Challenge accepted
Michael•Clifford Fanfic
By @5soswh0re

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