5 boys & me



2. you dont wanna know me

"hey y/n!" Louis said. "WHAT?!" you say loudly. "nothing...." harry smirks "nothing? you tell me hi and you say nothing? wow! real mature!" you snap back at him. "Oh its something alright." Liam says. "well?! talk!!" you yell "OK so this is what needs to happen tonight." zayn started. "you know where the mansion in the woods and how there's a blood bath in the basement?" Niall says. "duh!" "well you need to be there at 8 sharp! bring these things..... shot cups, hot damn 3 of them, chips and salsa." harry says. "ok i will." you say -later- you arrive at the mansion at 7;30 but the boys don't know your there yet. you see them come out and watch them take off running. you can tell there's something going on with the. you suddenly see Niall stop and look right where you are. he nodded his head to go to the house. you see Niall eyes and notice there not his ocean blue. they are blood red. you were scared to go in the house but you did anyway. you all of a sudden you get this urge. you feel very thirsty. you forgot to eat before you came. "y/n? you OK?" Niall asked. "nothing! where you going?" you asked. you felt your eyes turning red. "somewhere." he said."why?" "you wanna know?" you ask him. "yes." he said. "tell me where you are going first." you demand. "food!" he says fast. "i brought food tho." you say to distract him by your voice. he didn't know that you were an enchanting vampire. actually a vampire at all. you found out he was a vampire tho. "food for you." Niall says sweetly. "why?" you asked. "feasting on you. why?" he said. "cuz." you say as you put your arms around his neck. "please tell me. y/n for me please." Niall says. "fine.'" you say. you lean. " I'm a vampire. don't freak out." you say. "i am too." Niall says kissing you. "mhm!" you hear zayn and harry say. "are we interrupting something?" Louis asked "ya know. i think we are. our dinner with you." Liam says. you guys go inside and sit down at the table. the food for you comes. the boys sit around the table as you start eating. -after you eat- the boys take your plate and take you down stairs into the basement. "what are you doing?" you asked "this!" zayn says as harry throws you in a bath full of blood. good thing you wore a sports bra and sport shorts. you come up and the first thing you see is the boys all in their swim trunks. "how is it?" Liam smirks. "delicious! as a matter of fact." you say. "what?!" Liam Louis harry and zayn say. "yep that's right. I'm a vampire!" you say happily. "mmhmm." Niall says. "but how?" louis asked. to be continued.......
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