Demigod Songs

Rhianna and Lydia will be making Heroes of Olympus parodies out of songs and recording them in this book. The songs are sometimes inspired by quotes from the books by Rick Riordan.


2. Do You Wanna Defeat Kronos? (Do you wanna build a snowman Parody) By Rhianna Jackson

Percy Jackson, age 12


Do you wanna defeat Kronos?

Or go find Zeus' Master Bolt?

I know I'm part of the prophecy, but don't give up on me.

Wait, did you gallop away?

You use to be my teacher, but now you're part horse.

Oh why did you throw me a pen?

Do you wanna defeat Kronos?

We really have to defeat Kronos. 

Chiron: Go away, Perseus. 

Okay, bye. 


Percy Jackson, age 14

Do you wanna defeat Kronos?

Or go and capture Daedalus?

I think some archery is good for you, I've started talking to the Dryads in the woods!

Hang in there, Juniper.

It gets a little lonely, in the Labyrinth, just walking an endless maze. (Footstep sounds) 


Percy Jackson, age 16


Please, I know you're in there, the gods are asking where you've been.

I try to fight with my sword Riptide, but I'm dead inside.

The Titans are winning this fight.

The monsters are being summoned from the Underworld, Hades has no control.

Do you wanna defeat Kronos?

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