8 Dates (on hold)

Studies show that it takes about 8 dates for a male to fall in love and 16 for a female to fall in love.
During a meet and greet with Zayn a fan makes a deal with him. Zayn will dump perrie if he falls in love with the fan in 8 dates or under. But why does this fan want perrie gone so badly???


1. chapter 1

Regina's POV

Today me and Emma are finally going to the one direction concert. We have been waiting so long and I have a surprise for Emma, who is a Louis and Niall girl. She doesn't know it but we got backstage passes, so at the end we will get to go meet them. We are both there ages so it might work out. The only problem is how I got them. She doesn't know about that either. I got backstage passes via make a wish. Yes, I have a type of tumor in one of my lungs and "my lungs that suck at being lungs" are hard to live with. I have long brown hair that I will soon need to shave off and I might need to carry an oxygen tank but I'm hoping that they will be able to fix it because I get to meet the 1D boys and maybe the 5sos boys too. Anyway Emma is on her way and I have to deliver the good and bad news to her. She will be devastated, but everything happens for a reason.

~~when Emma arrives~~

Emma just pulled up and my heart is racing. Emma is going to come and get ready here then we will go to the concert and then come home and she will spend the weekend at my house because her parents are going away. We might go to her house so we can have some alone time. We will probably buy a house together next year when we are 19. I hear a knock at the door. Here it goes.

"Hey red!" Emma said happily. She handed me my bubble tea and walked in. Red is my nickname because my favorite color is red and I like the story red riding hood.

"Hey Em." I said while plastering on a fake smile.

" I have done amazing and done horrible news that I just received about 2-3 weeks ago, and o need you to sit down." I said while tearing up.

"Okay red. I'm sure it can't be too bad." She said with a small smile while sitting down.

" Emma the good news is that I got is backstage passes for the concert tonight!!!!!" I yelled with little enthusiasm and a little smile.

Emma screamed and hugged me she also started to happy cry. After a couple minutes she sat down bouncing a little and then she asked me " how did you get them?"

There was a long pause and then I took a breath.

" I'm gonna tell you this all at once and I don't want you to interrupt me." She nodded and gave me her full attention.

" I got the tickets... Via make a wish." I said while tearing up. I looked at her and she already could tell what I was gonna say next but I could see a little bit of hope in her eyes.

"You know you only get a make a wish when there is a huge malfunction with something on your body. and my malfunction is I h-have... A t-t-tumor... In my r-right lung and it is spreading t-the chancer cells around my body. " I sobbed. I then looked up to see Emma wrap her arms around me. We say there in that pose for about 45 minutes just crying until my mom walked In. She came and joined the hug. We cried for another 15 minutes until my mum said, " enjoy what you can." And then walked to the kitchen. At least we have a concert now.

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