That should be me (on hold)

When Kodie breaks up with harry and moves on. She also moves to a new state to go to college,She moves in with her cousin Liam, and of course Liam lives with his 4 best friends. Liam's friends are Zayn, Niall, Louis, and... Oh no----


1. Moving In With Liam


Today i finally get to move in with Liam and his four infamous friends!!!!! I've gotten to know them over txt, but they won't let me know their real names. the "code names" are superman, batman, spiderman, and barbie. i have gotten to know them all and they all know me as "your magnificent other". I'm on the plane now. I'm flying to Boston college, from wolverhampton. we are landing now. after i get off my plane i have to call my best friend Tessa who is also going to school in the USA, but she might end up switching to New York. 

~~~~~~~after the plane ride~~~~~~~~  

i was waiting at the airport for liam. he said he would be the only one coming and i would meet the boys at the house. i walked a little further down the side walk when i heard a car honk. i quickly turned around and saw liam standing there with a bouquet of of cheap flowers, but  its the though that counts! i ran up to him and we hugged. i read the card on the flowers "welcome to Boston! from superman, batman, spiderman, and barbie!!" i laughed and helped put the bags in the back of the car. i jumped in and liam started driving. 

"so will i finally learn who superman, batman, spiderman, and barbie are?"

"yes you will my magnificent other" he said and i giggled

the rest of the ride home we just talked about our family. finally we pulled into a HUGE house four boys with paper bags were standing in the front yard. i heard one of them gasp and he froze. i gave him a confused look.

"okay who's who?!?!?!" i yelled

"none of them will talk or say anything until you settle in and get packed." liam said

i pouted but shook in agreement. all of them grabbed a bag and brought it to my gynormous room. i quickly unpacked my room. the walls were white because i was gonna paint them later in the week. an hour later when i finally finished i walked into the living room and sat on the couch. finally i get to meet these boys!



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