Being Liams sister

Being Liam Payne's twin has ups and downs. Getting to see all the fans and behind the scenes, being there for all the promotions is pretty fun! but being there for all the farting contest and seeing who is the loudest burper isn't that great. One of the hardest things of all is Liam's one rule...
No dating his sister


1. reunited

Chloe's P.O.V.

Today was an exciting day. I am going to meet one direction.

No, I didn't win this in a concert, or on the radio, but I had my connections. I just happen to be Liam's older sister. Well I'm only older by a couple of minutes. We are twins. Yah I know what everyone thinks when I say that: "o my god!!! You're sooo lucky, do you think I can meet him."

Well i... If you knew, umm about my uh... Childhood you would know I'm not Evan that lucky. Anyway I'm going to fly to Bradford today and I'm going to go on the WWA tour with the boys. We are going to stay in Bradford for a week though!! I'm very excited because I haven't seen Liam in like... A year! I'm going to the airport now, the flight was a couple of hours so I decided to get in some sleep. When I wake up I need to call Cami and then I have to call Liam.


Liam's P.O.V.

I'm so excite I haven't seen Chloe in a year!! Her plane lands at 11, so I'll might be there a little late, considering the fact that all the boys are waking up now, and it's 10!!!

(2 hours later)

"Okay boys if any of you see any hot girls say..." Zayn was cut off

"CARROTS!!!!!" Louis screamed.

" okay, carrots I guess" Zayn laughed

" okay guys, but if any of you guys try's to hit on my sister I will punch you right there without hesitation." Liam said

The boys all laughed in sync. They laughed so hard Liam was starting to get mad.

" Palease Liam! If she looks anything like you we wouldn't even once..." Niall tried to finish


"No Liam, what he is trying to say(laugh laugh) was that if she still looks like she did In that picture we will have..."

Liam was giving Harry the you-better-whatch-what-you-say-next look.

"We will have to get one of those punches!" Harry started to sarcastically laugh

Chloe's P.O.V.

"Do you see them yet?" Cami asked

"NOOOOOOO!!!" Chloe yelled for the fifth time

"Okay I have to go but text me when you meet the boys, give Niall my number, and when I hang up call Liam" she said

I laughed as I said my goodbye and immediately called Liam. He answered on the second ring

"LIAM!!" I screamed angrily into the phone


"We are walking in now" he said.

As soon as they walked in I saw them enter under the escalator and hopped on the one going down.

Zayns P.O.V.

"Carrot!! Carrot!"

"O MY GAWD LIAM, LOOK AT THAT BRIGHT ORANGE CARROT!!! I got to go ask her out!!" I said while starting to run over to her, but I feel someone grab my shirt pull me to the ground and punch my across the face.

Then Liam crouches down and says "I told you what would happen if you hit on my sister!"

Then the gorgeous mystery maiden ran and hugged Liam. Oh no!!! Don't tell me she's...

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