Truely madly and crazy love

When the boys abandoned Zayn in one part of a mall, Zayn finds himself running into a store. In the store he finds cool clothes, cool shoes, and cool hats; but could he also find the love of his life


1. chapter 1

It all started on May 26th. When One Direction decided to stop at the mall on a Sunday. Usually malls close around 3 on Sundays. But the mall wasn't open at all to the public yet all the stores acted as though it was a normal day. One Direction had planned ahead to go to the mall so they had to be there by 10 and leave by 1. There was a crowd of teenage girls crowded around the malls perimeter, but if you didn't work there then you didn't get in. Chloe and Cami ,who had slept in late, both weren't fans of Direction because Nicole had a secret to her past. They were the only ones that were in work today and no one came into the store all day. Nicole and Cami both had no idea why there was no one in the mall so they turned up the music and started dancing to the radio station. Chloe started to climb one of the stairs to put the clothes on the shelves.


"IN MY AMERICAN APPAREL UNDERWARE!" Cami sang back while holding a brush up to her mouth.

"AND..." She was cut off by a male voice screaming she saw him run by, laughed and shrugged and kept singing along.

She closed her eyes and listened to the music as she heard a door open, thinking it was Cami. As the chorus of the next song came on Chloe jumped, spreading across her legs and shaking her lips left to right while dramatically going down the stairs dramatically grabbing sunglasses and a scarf on the way down she skipped over to Cami with a face trying not to laugh and she grabbed both of Cami's arms and started to dance.

"Chloe" she whispered, but Chloe kept singing as she walked to the front of the store into the open space did a back turnover and then landed with a jump then she scroutched down a little started walking backwards while shaking her hand from side to side

"Cloe!" Cami coughed, but it was to late she had just crashed into the boy. Not just anybody, but the boy who had ran by a few minutes ago. Chloe laid there, eyes wide open as she layed there on top of this muscly man cracking up. Oh boy

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