The Dangers of Being a Writer (Sequel to Never Fall For a Spy)

the young spy Bella Horan aka Andrea Jenkins faked her death to get out of a mission she was assigned which was to capture the pop star in the band one direction the one and only Liam Payne. Ryan Smith aka Einstein foster and another pop star Luke Hemmings helped her escape this mission so she then went underground. one year later she resurfaces to become a writer and live her life without love, without guns, and without Liam. She is writing about a certain person, someone who is in the spotlight, the one and only Zayn Malik also a band member of one direction. when Liam sees a mysterious 'fan' watching his friends every move he decides to confront her but that one decision changed both their lives forever.


1. this is the sequel to Never Fall in Love With A Spy!!!

yay so excited we are starting the sequel! make sure to read the first one so everything makes sense!  :D

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