Christmas Imagins!!!! 1D

Hey guys have a certain some one from 1D that you wish you could be with on Christmas? Then comment your name and your partner It shall happen!!!!

1I mi piace

1. The perfect night

It was a cold winter night and Christmas was the very next day....You and Liam had gotten into a big fight the next before. You ran out side crying your eyes out in the snow. That's when you turn around to see him standing their

a big smile on his face as he's holding hot coco and warm blanket. "Baby it's cold out side..." He hums into your ear as

 he kisses you softly on the lips. You stair up into his big brown eyes. Your shocked that he would ever chase after you the way he did.

"Why would you chase after me?" You ask him... He stairs into your eyes and sighs. "Do you really think I would let you get away from so easily?" He kisses you again holding some mistletoe over your heads. You kiss him back

as he leads you both back inside where the two of you spend the night watching sweet movies by the fire place.

 You end this perfect night by falling asleep in his arms as he hums your favorite song in your ear. You fall asleep

peacefully in his arms. As soon as you close your eyes he whispers in your ear "Good night my little angle."


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