My Prince

About the love of my life my Prince. Someone I love very much. He is the most handsome Prince in the world. He is loving, kind, sincere, and so very special. When he holds me. I am in Heaven. When he kisses me I lose my breath. When he holds my hand. It gets all wet. I am like a butterfly, when I am near him. I cling like glue. He is my one and only true love. My Prince.

1. My Prince

My Prince you are so handsome, charming, and sweet

Your eyes is all I see when I look at you

I cannot see anything around me

Just your handsome face


Since I met you I feel a fire burning

Deep within my soul

My Prince your my breath

With everything you hold


The fire wraps around me

With your warm embrace

How can I live without you?

My Prince


The road we travel

Is so far ahead

I just want you by me

Never to leave


I have met you

Been there for you

Look into my eyes

And you will see


My precious Prince

How much you mean to me

My desire is building

My passion is wild


Colors surround us

Like perfume in the air

If it is day or night

It does not matter


I am like snow

You melt me

You are inside me

Let the world go


You can see my shadow

As I lay down to sleep

I will wrap my lashes around yours

They will be with mine


My search for you will never end

My dear sweet handsome Prince

Since I have met you

From your face to mine


I am lost in time

I will be incomplete without you

You will be incomplete without me

My dear sweet Prince

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