I Miss You

When the members of the popular band 5 Seconds Of Summer spend two weeks off in New York City, Ashton visits the spot where the love of his life and childhood friend Lindsey Martin broke his heart. Calum and Michael oblivious to the fact that Ashton is still hung up on his ex, are fixated on proving that Luke's new crush, a blogger named Elena Stewart is a stalker. When they decide to investigate her past further, they realize she's much worse than a stalker. In fact, if she and Luke are together it may just rip the band apart.

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1. NYC, Here We Come

    "I remember the last time we were in NYC." Michael said wistfully as he stared out the window of the black SUV. "That was some good pizza."

     "Do you always remember cities we go to by the food we eat there?" Calum asked curiously, looking up from his phone.

     "Of course not!" Michael exclaimed, looking at him. "I remember the fans, the whole concert experience, the people we meet...it's just that in New York we had some really good pizza."

     "So, you can't recall the hot dogs we ate in Jersey?" Cal questioned.

     "Oh, I remember those..."

     "Or the steak we had in Kentucky?"

     "That was really juicy..."

     "How about those tacos in Texas, huh?"

     "Okay, okay, so I do remember the food alright? But it's not just about the food. It's about the fans, the music, the heart and the atmosphere of the city itself." Michael told him.

     "But you admit Jersey had sick hot dogs?" Calum pressed.

     "The best!" Michael agreed smiling. Calum nodded then continued scrolling through his Twitter feed on his phone. Michael, Calum, Luke and Ashton from the band 5 Seconds of Summer were off to New York City again. They went there for a week before, but now they were spending two weeks off from their tour and they expected to have a great time. They were in a black SUV, not doing much at that moment. Michael, who was in the back row of seats was staring out the window as he waited for a movie to download on his laptop, Calum, who was sitting next to him, was scrolling through Twitter on his phone, Luke who was in the front row of seats with Ashton, was eating a burrito while reading a review of their last show on his iPad and Ashton was staring out the window, deep in thought. The usually talkative, bubbly Australian wasn't really talking much that day and the other guys hadn't really said anything about it. It was on the tip of Luke's tongue to ask him if he was okay though.

     "Hey guys? Have any of you ever heard of Elena Stewart before?" Luke asked.

     "Isn't that the girl from Vampire Diaries?" Calum asked.

     "Um, no. She's this online blogger who reviewed our last show and..." Luke began.

     "And? What does she hate us or something?" Calum wondered.

     "No. She loves us. She's been coming to our shows for years. In fact, she's um, following us on tour..."

     "Whoa. Sounds like a stalker to me." Michael remarked.

     "Just because she wants to be everywhere we are, doesn't mean she's a stalker." Luke defended.

     "Are you even listening to yourself right now?!" Michael questioned. "You just stated the definition of a stalker!"

     "She sounds pretty awesome to me." Luke told him. "What do you think Ashton?" Ash didn't answer because he didn't hear Luke. He was too engrossed in his own thoughts. "Ash, mate, you alright?" Luke tried again. Still, there was nothing from the hot Australian drummer.

     "Ash, hello?!" Calum practically shouted.

     "Yo, Ashton!" Michael searched around and found a small handmade throw pillow that was a gift from a fan and chucked it at Ashton. Ashton jumped, being shaken out of his thoughts.

     "Hey, what was that for?" he asked, laughing slightly.

     "You were lost in thought again." Calum said, turning back to his phone.

     "Oh sorry. So what are we talking about?" Ashton wanted to know.

     "First, we need to know what you were thinking about." Michael stated. "Come on spit it out."

     "So you mean you haven't figured it out yet?" Calum asked.

     "Figured out what?" Michael asked. Calum looked up from his phone and stared at Michael like he was an idiot.

     "You know what happened the last time we went to NYC."

     "I do?"

     "You told me that you remembered more than just the pizza..." Calum reminded. Michael frowned, thinking hard for a minute, then it all came rushing back.

     "Oh, right! He's thinking about Lindsey!" he exclaimed, then immediately regretted it because he, Luke and Calum had agreed never to speak that name in front of Ashton again.

     "Dude!" Calum hit his arm as Luke glared at him. Ashton smiled half heartedly.

     "Guys, it's okay. I'm over Lindsey. I'm over everything that happened back in NYC." he promised.

     "Are you sure?" Luke asked.

     "Yeah, yeah," Ashton assured them. "I'm not upset about going back to the place where Lindsey and I parted ways. Minus the memories, New York is a great place. On a whole it has nothing to do with her. Besides, it's not like we'll run into her. She's back in Australia now."

     "And how do you know that?" Calum asked curiously. Ashton looked away.

     "I...may or may not stalk her Twitter." he answered quickly, sheepishly. Michael burst out laughing and Calum resisted the urge to tackle him to the bus floor. Luke stared at Ashton for a minute longer, wondering whether or not he was really over Lindsey, then went back to reading Elena Stewart's blogs. Ashton would have told them if he was still hung up on her. Or at least, he thought so.

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