Where were you, princess



1. prologue



"Are we going to be friends forever?"

"Yes my princess."

"I hope so ."

I loved Kayla . It hurt me that I couldn't bring myself to tell her.

I was scared to hurt her. She was fragile as I am weak. I knew I would hurt her.

I wrestled with the thought of telling her every night .

When I brought myself to tell her, it was too late.

She disappeared with no trace, no goodbye, no way of keeping in touch.

That was seven years ago. I'm now 20. I'm a huge star too.

You've probably heard of me. Niall Horan.

I'm happy now but a piece of me still aches for her . I scan every face for hers at concerts and meet and greets. She's never there

As if she never existed.

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