Daddys Baby

What happens when you cross Louis baby girl with Harry's Teen son? A whole lot of trouble. Lots of lies and secrets.


2. chapter one

*11 years later*

Louise POV

"Lulu! Wake up lazy butt!" Jennifer sang into my ear. I push her off of me.

"Kay' Jenny. Spill." I command

"Harry and his kids are coming over today!!" She says

God I forgot. I rush over to my closet and choose a white dress and navy blue sweater. I put a bow into my hair and brush it out. Good enough.

I rush downstairs " Louis! What's the rush?!" Daddy boasts as I almost trip over a shoe.

"Guests, duh." I put my hand on my hip and look at him

"Sassy, eh?" He laughs

I know him as daddy , but the world knows him as Louis Tomlinson, the sass masta from Doncaster . He used to be in a band, One Direction till I was kidknapped as an infant. Found me four years later.

"Louis, told ya she's yours." My mum giggles, I smile at her.

My mum and Daddy fought some high school drama together after Harry grew distant and didn't love my mum anymore. Found his way and that led to him falling for his long time friend, and Justin Biebers step sister, Darcy.

*Ding Dong*

I rush to the door to find a teen Harry Styles standing at my doorstep.

"Are you Harry? Or did you time travel?" I ask and he blushes

"Nah, I'm his son and look alike, Derek Styles." He looks at me with blue eyes instead of Harry's green. I stare at him for a moment .

He is hot!

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