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1. Chapter one

Stacy's POV

"Good night Zayn , I love you." I kiss his soft cheek and snuggle close to him.

Me and Zayn have been married for 1 year now and have we have a beautiful daughter named Melody. She's 7 months old and so sweet.

I listen to Zayn breathe until I'm able to drift off to sleep .


I sit up and look around, what was that? I walk to Melodies nursery.

She's sound asleep, she defiantly looks like her daddy when she sleeps. I pick her up and turn around to investigate.

I stop in my tracks, a woman dressed in black stands behind me. I back up into the crib and it topples over.

I run as fast as I could to the front door.

I reach the door and realize I'm surrounded by women.

I look at melody, she's watching me. I snuggle her and kiss her forehead. I set her on the couch and run.

Before I could get far the girls pounce on me and everything turns black.

Unknown POV

Stacy J Malik : caught

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