Lets Talk

I have some explaining to do.

1. Here we go

Okay I'm not sure if anyone is reading this but if you are we need to talk.

So basically I made this account back when I was twelve and obsessed with a band called One Direction. I was really stupid and young and immature.

How so?

1) If you ever saw my old bio.... you'd know.

2) I wrote a story that included rape which is a serious problem and shouldn't be portrayed in fanfiction. I wrote a chapter where a real, living person that I had never met rapes a character and that is not okay. I apologize and I'm so upset that I ever did that. 

3) Similar reason as above. I wrote a story about a group of people I didn't know (still don't) and portrayed them as people who would kidnapp a girl and made some of them appear to be assholes. I don't know them so I have no excuse to say that.


Not only that, but I wrote like a twelve year old. Cliches, bad grammar, no plot. It was embarrassing and still is.

I did get alot of attention and fans for my sucky writing and I want to thank each and everyone who did. 

But if you haven't guessed, I will not be completing them.

I'm done writing One Direction fanfiction.


I like to think that I've grown alot since I wrote those.

My writing has gotten better and so have I.

Maybe I'll post another story on here one day.

But for now, this is good bye.

I love you guys.

(I'll be leaving the stories up for a good year at least before I delete them)

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