Little Tomlinson on hold



1. flashback

*4 years ago*

Alicia's POV

"Louis! Let go of me !" I scream as he swings me around in his arms.

"Not till you say it!" He laughs

"Ok, ok I love you!" I finally breathe and he puts me down.

He walks over to the baby carriage and picks up Louise.

"Hi, baby." He baby talks and she giggles .

I laugh, she has his eyes, and his sassiness.

She looks at me and I wave.

Little did I know we were being watched.

Me and Louis push her around the park until she fell asleep. She was only 4 months old.

Me and Louis decide to sit under a tree for a bit and rest with our backs toward the carriage .

After a little rest I decide to check on Louise, the carriage was missing.

I shake Louis awake.

"Louis! The baby! She's gone!" I scream. I start to panic.

I run around the park at least ten times until Louis finally catches me.

He hugs me to his chest, I softly sob into his chest.

My baby is gone.

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