Gender switch on hold

One direction were the happiest boyband on earth till an angry jealous witch changes that forever. Can 1D survive a normal teenage girls life or will they get in trouble


1. the witch switch

Nellas POV

One direction are so spoiled. All that money for singing ! I have worked my but off since I was 14 and here I am 17 years later, Nowhere.

I've finally perfected the spell, Gender Change. It has nothing to do with the reason I hate them . I just want to see them squirm in their new girl bodies. The uncomfortable life of a teenage girls the awkward faze. School, drama , clothes! It's too good.

I hold a picture of the boys in my hand and drop it into an enchanted fire. They will instantly feel drowsy and weak. They shall fall asleep and wake up in their new 15 year old body's , sure it drops their age by 5 years but that's when the horror started for every girl I knew.

I turn to my ball and with a wave of my hand I can see into their hotel room in California . A teenage girls paradise.

And I watch as my spell eases them to sleep and my fun starts.

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