Long Time (H.S)

"He left me. Why would he leave me?" My best friend Harry moved away when I was just 5 years old without a warning. When will I ever see him again. - M

2I mi piace

2. The Start 💙😘👌

Leilani's P.O.V

Me and Diana were getting ready for the One Direction concert. I was so excited. I was going to meet One Direction again. I have gone to meet One Direction before last year. This was Diana's first time meeting One Direction and she was freaking out. She was asking questions like what do I wear, will they like me, is something bad going to happen, will I embarrass my self. Omg that girl has a problem of worrying about every little thing. "You will be fine stop worrying your getting me nervous". "I am just so worried, they are my favorite band ever and when I meet them I don't want to ruin it . It is a first impression"." You will be fine you got me you have nothing to worry about". She just gave me a stern look.

Diana's P.O.V

I was freaking worried, I love them so much and admire them. I want to leave a mark and make them remember me. NOT IN THE DIRTY WAY, AT LEAST NOT YET. I especially want to impress Niall. He is the love of my life, the way his eyes sparkle, his smile, the way he talks, his laugh, basically EVERYTHING!! I am left with only two freaking hours to get ready with out stressing. Leilani came in I was about to ask her to help me get ready. Instead she walks straight into my closet and takes out these three really cute outfits. The first outfit was a One Direction infection sweater with high wasted shorts and black converse, the second one was a navy blue crop top and high waisted black jeans, the last one was one of my favorite Niall shirts and shorts with overalls. Before Leilani could say anything I picked the last outfit. "Wow you sure new what you wanted."she said I want to the restroom and went to change. When I got out Leilani did my makeup and we were ready to go.

Leilani's P.O.V

Once I was done with Diana we were ready to go. I was excited for Diana. Her face thoe it was so funny. Once we were out we both knew this was our night.

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