The Friends

Cameron Dallas. Pretty much the only source of light in Marissa's life. He's not only her boyfriend, but her family and her best friend. They are probably living a perfect couple life, until Nash Grier and Carter Reynolds come along. Cameron tells Marissa how Carter and Nash were his buddies before, but they had changed over the last couple of years. Like smoking and drinking changed. When they show up on Cameron's doorstep, they promise they no longer smoke and they are almost always sober. This of course, doesn't really bother Marissa at first. But then, Nash and Carter show her what position she's really in, where she deserves to be. Well, according to them, that position is the little herbivore at the bottom of the food chain. Will these two "angels" cause another angel up there?

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L'autore ha classificato questa movella come giallo, il ché significa che non è appropriato per gli utenti sotto 13 anni.
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