PJ's Art Store *On hiatus*

So, I noticed that there has been a lot of Cover Stores going around lately so i thought I might start a different type. Simply request a fan art, OC, original character in the comments and I will draw it for you. More info in the actual book.

For more examples that I haven't included at the start I will put my deviant art account in the comments!

23I mi piace

1. Requirements

First of all I can't draw anything inappropriate. Keep it relatively low PG or G rated. Secondly, please take into consideration that I actually have a social life (piano, school) and so it may take two to four days for your drawing to be done.

Now, moving on...

Please state whether you want traditional art (such as pencil work, pen art) or digital art (this will take a week or so). Also, what style do you want it to be in. Chibi. Moe (Adorable). Kawaii (Cute). Serious.


Also…please mention the character's name. Whether its original, OC (if so, from where will they come from. Eg. Harry Potter, Attack on Titan), or just random fan art.


If it's original:

Appearance. Age. Personality. Gender. Anything else you might want me to do.



Fan art?

Who do you want in it. Remember low key PG or G. What theme do you want it to have?




Where are they from? (An anime? Which book? Which show? Which movie)   Appearance. Age. Personality. Gender. Anything else you want to add.





Finally, if I have a lot of requests at once and a lot of homework then I might not be able to do your drawing as quickly as I might like. I will do them though! Patience is a virtue as a wise man once said. :D

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