Blind Man's Bluff

A girl whose life is all colors, sight, and art, has her life turned upside down when she becomes blind.


1. Shining Stars


    I bring the brush down in one stroke.  Then again in a different fashion.   Again.  Again.  Again.  Agian.  Agian.  Finished.


I look at the master peice of my own design.  Beautiful.  I don’t like to brag but I am pretty good at painting, art in general actually.  People say it all the time and I wish they wouldn’t, even if it is true.  What I have just painted is a symbolic painting, it’s the black silhouette of a girl and coming from her head are many different things.  Flowers, Ideas, questions, animals, scents, wind and anything you can imagine.  Let’s let that dry, I think to myself.  I set the painting onto my easel and try to navigate my way through my cluttered room.  Normal people’s rooms have clothes, possessions, and furniture.  I have art supplies.


I go walk down the stairs surpassing my family member’s rooms.  The navy blue carpeting feels good on my barefeet.  I run out the door and into my back yard, hills as far as the eye can see.  I can feel the remaining sunlight shine on my pale skin.  Warming, gentle, and I can even feel yellow.  Sometimes I can feel colors.  I can feel the yellow the golden, rich, yellow, that softens even the coldest of hearts.


I run until I reach the nearest hill and then roll down it.  Joy, I can feel it running through my soul.  I run towards a group of high, high, trees.  In the middle I see my telescope.  I use it to look at the stars, I started this hobby within the past  few months.


Soon it will be dark and I will gaze up at the twinkling stars.  Soon.  Not yet, I run all the way back to my house.  My family has joined in the living room.  Most of my family that is, my twin brothers, Anthony and Mark, are probably hanging out with some of their college buddies. My sister, Charlotte, recent high school graduate, is with my parents though.  Her red hair is slung over the couch where they are all sitting on.  


“Hey, Annabelle, want to watch a Disney movie, with us?” she asks when I am in her sight.


“Sure, but can it wait forty five minutes, I want to stargaze for awhile?”


“Fine, we’ll just watch some T.V. ‘till you're done, ok?”


“Sounds great!”  I go to my room.  I count down the minutes until the sky is dark enough.


 I open up one of my dresser drawers, besides my art supplies, I am a neat freak.  I pick out a nice navy blue sweatshirt that matches my eyes and start to put it on.  I take off my black glasses and set them on the dresser.  “I’ve made that mistake too many times.”  I then put the sweatshirt on, my face without any scratches.  I put my glasses back on, put on some tennis shoes, and I am out the door.  


I take the same route I did before, rolling down the hill, and running to the trees.  The air is the crisp summer kind.  The sky is a beautiful shade of midnight blue.  I take up the the barrel of the microscope in my hands and maneuver it to my eye.  To be honest I don’t know that much about the stars and constellations.  But to see the stars up there makes me feel special, small, beautiful, and gives me this weird feeling of awe all at the same time.  I find the little dipper and stare for a while.

Then I get this urge to be closer, higher, so I go closer and higher.  I pick a tall tree and start to climb.  I climb higher and higher running out of breath.  I lift my hand to grasp at new branches, left, right, left, left, right.  I am so high, I guess twenty five feet, but my judgment of height is not reliable.  I am on the highest branch possible.  I peer up, up, at the bliss of shining lights.  I shift my weight not thinking.  Then I fall.

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