Falling Angel

Harmony Angel, a girl trapped within a web of lies. Her pack mistreated her for many years after her parents death so the day came when she was to shift. Transforming into the she-wolf, she runs away from her pack, her life and her mate who never knew who she was. This isn't a simple rejection story but the start of the new future, the first of the three wolf children. Will Harmony ever be the same again? Will she ever manage to tell her mate who she is and what is her destiny?

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1. Birthday Girl

You know that dream of falling? Where you just want the fall to end and you to hit the ground? Well that is actually happening to me right now for real. I just want to hit the ground for this fall to end.

I will miss him, I never got to tell him i am his mate, I just didn't want to have to feel the pain of rejection. so I didn't tell him and now I am falling  to my death. I better explain...


My name is Harmony Angel, not the best name in the world but I guess it could be worse right? It's messed up I know but hey it's the name I was given. No I'm not a human, in fact I am not even close to being a human being. I'm a "werewolf", as humanity took to calling my kind, really we are wolf spirits. Though I'm a little bit more than a wolf spirit, I'm also part angel, I have no idea how it worked out so don't ask just go with it. 

I'm what you would call the nerd or geek or maybe even freak in the social ladder, my entire pack hated me just because I never met their views of perfection so you can see how it would work out that when I found out who my mate was I went over the edge - seriously. 



Harmony's P.O.V


The screeching sound of my alarm pulled me from the world of dreams, the world where I didn't have to fear life with my breathes or watch my shadows. But of course the dumb invention of the alarm had to bring me back to the hell hole I called life. Giving into the light that decided to sneak into my room I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and crawled from bed and left my laziness under the warmth of the cover.

Downstairs my brother was moving about making a racket as he went like always, but on the plus side it could mean I wouldn't have to walk to school today. With that thought in mind I stepped into a cold shower to wake myself up properly before drying myself and throwing on the closest hoody and jeans. I am not one to stand out of the crowd, or I like to attempt to but people seem to make it their mission everyday at school to get the attention by using me in one way or another.

Sighing in frustration as I looked at the back of my closet where thinner clothes sat untouched. My brother had bought me them a year and a bit ago for motivation for me to lose weight, to say the least it didn't work. Today it's my sixteenth birthday which means I get to see who my mate is, maybe then I would know what it feels like to be loved.

I let out a cold laugh at the thought of someone actually caring about me, even my brother can only do so much without it hurting me in some way. 

"Harmony I love you but come on before I drag you to the car!", my loving brother shouted up the stairs, his voice sounding a little whinny. I let out a soft chuckle at how childish he is, see outside of school we are almost like the regular brother and sister. We fight, we cry, we hate and we love.

But at school? That's a different story. It's like I don't exist some days and other days he acts like I'm a burden. 

"I'm coming doofus!", I replied laughing as I ran down the stairs to my smiling brother.


"About time! I thought you had been eaten or something", he cried out dramatically causing me to break out in a big smile and punch his arm softly.

"So my little sis is all grown up now, no longer a kid hmm? Ready to discover who you're mate is?” my annoying brother asked as we walked out of the house and headed towards the car.

I gulped softly, I did want to meet my mate and scream at him that I was meant to be with him. I wanted to tell him I loved him and him to tell me he loved me as well but... I could feel my stomach twist at the thought of my mate being one of the people who hated me at school or a human.

Mates are supposed to be the most beautiful thing in love, they are destined for each other in every life.  I hear that finding your mate is like seeing the world in a new way, nothing is dull anymore, and nothing seems empty or useless. Your mate is meant to make you feel happiness and heal all the wounds in your heart.

 I breathes deeply and put on a smile for my brother before forcing myself to speak, "Yup, I can't wait!". I hadn't realized that my thoughts had consumed me as we reached the school, the same feeling set into my heart and the pain once more came crashing down. School, hatred, hell.


I stepped out of the car at the same time as my brother and suddenly felt a pull from within. Joy spread through me as I looked everywhere until I found the one who was causing my heart to thump against my chest. There he stood in my brothers group, the populars. That's when my eyes landed on my mate, Jason Matt. He is the future alpha and most popular male in the pack, cliché right?  

Then the sadness sank into my heart once more, I couldn't be with him. Ever. The moment someone like him found out that I am his mate, it would be ultimate rejection. Being rejected by your mate is like having someone cut out your own heart. Jason is too popular, too perfect. So I did what had to be done to protect the future alpha's reputation and to save my heart from being destroyed. 

I walked the other way knowing that if I left him alone then things could be okay, they would be right? With a quick glance at my brother and Jason I walked towards the school with the thoughts racing in my mind.


Why are the fates so messed up?

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