My story

I know y'all probably won't read this but this is my story

1. me

My mom was 16 teen my dad 17 I was born July 16 2000. We lived in Utah with my grand parents my mom and dad split up before I was born my first memory was my mom doing drugs she used to do drugs and smoke a lot we moved to Maryland with her mom stepdad and sister. We moved to get away from it all my dad has been ignoring me for a while my mom is going to school and does every thing for me were going to court so I no longer have to by law see my dad every year I go out there to see my grandparents and unfortunately my dad I barely eat sometimes I cut a little so does my aunt I've had thought of killing myself before I don't have many friends I used to but they tried to get me to change well that's my story so far well...bye thanks for reading

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