Broken Promises

~Sequel to 'Do You Remember Me?'~

Niall and Autumn ended their relationship 2 days before the wedding. Niall wants Autumn to find her prince. To be with someone who will always be there for her and won't hurt her, but when Autumn finally moves on, Will Niall be able to stay away from her and keep his word? Read and find out. <3

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This is the sequel to 'Do You Remember Me?' Make sure you read that one first it'll better help you understand this one! Enjoyyy :)

It's been 2 whole years since I've seen seen or talked to Niall. Yeah, I'm The Niall Horan's ex. Well ex fiancé at that. He ended it 2 days before the wedding. Am I okay? Yeah, you could say that. Do I believe in happy endings? I'm not real sure.

These 2 years have been crazy, so much has happened. I got a great paying job as a fashion designer, I got my own house, and I.. Got a boyfriend. His name is Justin. We dated a couple times in high school and we saw each other again at Starbucks and it just went on from there. Our one year anniversary is tomorrow!

I sat there in my living room by myself flipping through the tv channels, finally stopping it on some random tv show that couldn't keep my attention. Thankfully my phone started buzzing making me snap out of my boredom.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Autumn! The guys just got home! They wanna see you!" Emma cheered into the phone.

"T-The guys? As in-"

"As in Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall." She replied in a duh tone.

"Oh I- I uh.."

"Just come over! They haven't seen you in forever."

"I can't.. Justin is coming over in a couple minutes." I said trying to get out of having to go. I wanted to see them a lot.. But I'm just scared to see Niall.

"Well you can bring him too. Come onnn." Emma whined.

"Alright.. Fine, Fine." I gave up.

"Good see you soon! Bye."

"Bye." I muttered and hung up.

As if on cue Justin walked in the door and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. "Hey babe."

"Hey, Do you wanna go over to Emma's with me to see the guys right now?" I asked.

"Sure." He smiled grabbing my hand.

We walked out to his car and got in. The drive was about 10 minutes.. Not too long. He parked in the driveway and we walked up to the door. I knocked and was greeted by Emma grabbing my arm and dragging me inside.

"She's here!" Emma yelled loudly taking me into the living room with Justin trailing behind us.

"There's my little sister!" Zayn joked, picking me up and spinning me around, kissing my cheek.

"There's my big brother." I chuckled after he set me back down.

"Zayn don't hog her!" Louis yelled pulling me into a tight hug. "I missed you!"

"I missed you too, Lou!" I replied getting pushed into Liam and Harry.

"Group huggg." Harry laughed, pulling me and Liam into a hug.

"I missed you guys." I smiled.

They let me go and I met eyes with that very familiar blonde haired, blue eyed, Irishman. Oh no.. I'm not ready for this, 2 years hasn't been long enough..

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