Wolf Whispers



1. Prologue


It was a gloomy twilight; the sky was swirling with greys, blues and purples. Leaves danced along paths and up through the sky, the wind roaring around them. Amongst all this stood a tall figure, dark and menacing. From his hair to his toes everything was black, apart from his milky-white face that looked as if it had never seen the sun.

            He stood with his back against a fence, and blended into the dark so much that passers-by didn’t even notice him. The strange dark figure watched as a man across the road closed up a shop. The shop-keeper pulled up the collar on his coat, then buried his hands deep in his pockets. He kept his head down against the cold wind as he hurried up the road. The strange figure moved quickly behind him, gliding in and out of the shadows careful not to be seen.

            As the shop-keeper reached his front door his hands shook with cold as he tried to push his key into the lock. He caught a glimpse of something moving out of the corner of his eye and turned quickly but nothing was there. As he turned back towards his front door the dark figure was there in front of him. He tried to shout out but his voice was lost as he was swept into the huge cloak-like wings of the dark figure.

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