Sherlock Holmes and the Sharks of Kerrigor

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  • Pubblicato: 6 gen 2014
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"The water is rising. Soon we will take the land. Soon, we will take you!" Sherlock Holmes, private investigator extraordinaire, has gone on holiday. It's an interesting choice, Cornwall, but what if it has meaning? Something about him has changed. It's almost as if he knows something. Something extremely bad, something that could rip apart their world. As the ties between evil and good draw ever close, Sherlock and Watson must fight something more evil than ever imagined: The Sharks of Kerrigor have returned.

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1. Prologue

He fumbled with the key, finally pushing himself into the darkened room, where a man sat atop a large chair: a throne of sorts.
“S...Sir, are you alright?” he asked tentatively.
The man snarled in the blackness
“Of course I am, fool,” he rasped darkly, “we meant to crash!”
“Of…Of course sir, I was merely worried for your safe-“
“Silence! I do not care for your whimpers, Kazan.” The man flinched and cowered under his gaze, “ Go, tell the messengers that they will prepare to leave immediately”
“Of course, sir.” Kazan said, not moving.
“Well, leave!”
“Yes, sir, I was just wondering where we were, sir?”
The man stood suddenly, his hands clenched, and his eyes flaming.
“You dare! No,” he said, sitting back down, “of course, ‘General’” The man sneered. “I will introduce you. Why, welcome to Kerrigor Island!”
Kazan flinched
“Just leave! Go tell the messengers, prepare to release the sharks!”
A laugh echoed through the dark room, penetrating even the rafters of the ship, which lay, groaning on the ground.

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