Ink on the Quill

"All dreams come from a drop. All wishes come from a scratch. All things come, from ink on the quill."

This is a compilation of poetry that I have written from when I was quite young up to now. The subject, theme and skill level all change dramatically from poem to poem. I would love to hear your feedback along with which one you enjoy most!


1. Cold is Reality

The heat.
It soaks me, flowering across
my burning skin,
relinquishing my breath, stealing
my thoughts until emotions sink
into bliss.
I fly through the air,
my body a knife, a clean cut
into a sheen of water.
Sun raining rays upon me,
sweltering as I dive, I leap into
blue mirrors of cool.
Then, a brilliant glow,
white light, harsh blow,
a gale of snow.
Heat fades
colour drains
sun drowns
white reigns
a flutter of wind on the lip.
A gale of snow,
I bend, I duck
as wind buffets my soul
and all I know, the
biting, never ending, screaming, vicious
The heat dies,
ice burns as
the Artic takes my dreams like a hook
cold is reality.


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