The Life of Luke and Natalie Horan

Luke and Natalie Horan are all grown up now. One Direction are split up by now and the boys haven't communicated to each other in over a decade. But after they turn 17, they move to a whole new place. They go to a new school, new country, and meet new people. But who they meet is mind blowing. Luke and Natalie encounter Harry's, Louis', Zayn's and Liam's children. Will the boys get back together like old times? Or will they forever remain as strangers?

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Hey guys!!! I am just putting up the cover and everything for this book! I'm still on chapter 8 on my sequel.. lol haha but I'll keep you guys posted about this in my sequel Legendary Lovers!:) Thank you so much!!! :D Stay beautiful and amazing!!!:) xx


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