The life of a girl

The life of me. A truly sad lamo life. I enjoy it but it could be better. When I say one thing my whole world turns into hell. Yeh it's the life of a teenage girl but the issues i have to deal with; now I look back are just sad.

13I mi piace

1. Me

I am 12. Known as the joker. No-one takes me seriously I am know as the crazy one. I don't get life. It is something that you half to go through yet I still don't get it. Life eh? What is the point? I will understand it if someone told me what happens after death. I know it's quite a dark subject but I still want to know what happens. What happens? Is it like when your asleep? You know what that you are alive but that's about it. You have no conscious of what else is happening. Or do you live your life again? Changing what you regret? I need to know. I am the one that asked out a boy and everyone ended up knowing I mean how sad!!!!!!!! His name is something I can't tell you,it's one of those things that when I look back I think I might regret. Glasses, short brown hair and a couple of things I'll mention those things later. If we did go back and change what happened this is definitely one of the things I would change!!!!!!My life could never be any better apart from that. okay I lie I could be better. As a matter of fact anything i seem to regret is to do with boys!!

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