The Step-Sister of Zayn Malik

A 15 year old gurl named Lucy
discovering that she has a step brother named Zayn Malik from One Direction... But there's a secret about Zayn's best mate Harry who always seem to be different...

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1. The Step-Sister of Zayn Malik

Chapter 1

(My p.o.v)

My name is Lucy but my nickname is Louis 15 years old Asian and my parents told me there's something they have to tell me.

-The Talk-

(P: parents M: me)

M: Mom? Dad? What's the thing you want to tell me?

P: There's something I have to tell you...

M: What is it?

P: You have a brother named Zayn he's 20 he lives in Bradford, England and he's in a band.

M: Oh my gosh?!?! What?!?! How?

P: Calm down Lucy and he's coming to school tomorrow with his friends and he will pick you up too. And you will be spending time and staying at house his house for three or four months.

M: Wow okay mom and can you explain how I'm related and how this happened?

P: (My dad starts talking) Well Lucy before when I met you mother I meet Zayn's mother, Tricia we dated and later on I asked to marry her.... But she refused and broke up, two months later that time she called me and said she meet someone else and got married, said sorry about the relationship, I forgive her. She told me she was pregnant it was positive to me and her husband. (I know that's not possible sorry)

M: Oh and thank you for telling me this I understand and I can't wait to meet him. Dad, mom I have one thing to ask is he in One Direction? (I know this part sounds cheesy)

P:(Both said) Yes

(Zayn's p.o.v)

My Dad from the Philippines not my biological father called and told my step-sister everything about me... I'm a bit nervous and excited especially the boys well mostly Harry and Louis. Louis was too excited because her nickname and heard me say she can do fútbol, Harry was excited because umm... I really don't know the reason.

End of chapter

Tell me if you like it or not just comment plz thanks :)

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