Can He Honestly Change?

Anna West was the good girl. Never got in trouble, never did anything wrong...That is until she met Zayn.

Zayn Malik. 1/5 of One Direction, Boxer, and Bad Boy. Zayn had failed a year so was now a grade above Anna instead of two.

The thing is Anna had left due to problems she was having at home. Zayn had actually had his eyes on Anna before she left, but lost his chance, but now she's back. She is still the same old good girl, only thing that changed is her hair color which actually often changes and she got her Cartilage pierced, that's it.

Zayn was know as the player also. Every girl wants him, except Anna. She knows of Zayn's reputation and refuses to be apart of that. This shy, innocent, and caring girl hadn't realized that this guy was slowing falling for her and he was slowly changing her.

Anna eventually realizes that there's good in this guy. She knows he can be a better guy than what he is! Zayn though has a problem with showing emotion. He may say he loves someone, but ca

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