Courtney Jane Lappin: People In Need

'Gone too soon, but will never be forgotten.'

This is a diary where I might talk about Courtney, or other people in need, or other people's problems or just anything. Anyone who is going through things such as: being abused, bullied, harming themselves, close to commiting suicide, etc. No one should have to deal with this alone. Let people know so they can help you. That is what I'm trying to do with this movella.

I hope you like it, this is difficult for me to think about let alone, put on the internet for the world to see.
If you are in need, email:

Rach xo.


1. 13/12/2013 - Rach xo.

Rach xo.

I thought about her last night, most of the night infact.  I was watching Naruto when one of the characters said something about suicide.

I watched the rest of that episode then spent the rest of the night looking at photos of her and reading different articles of teenagers commiting suicide.


I wonder...
Does anyone remember Amanda Todd?
I used to watch all her videos.

I remember watching her last video, four hours before she died.

Even though I never got to talk to her, I felt like of her best friends and I felt like it was partly my fault, because I couldn't help her.


Anyway, I cried. I felt hopeless, like I couldn't move.  The time on my laptop froze at about 12:00, so I don't actually know how long I cried for.

When you lose someone, or someone close to you is going through something that you can't stop, so many emotions go through your mind. Angry, sadness, confusion, suprised, suspision or maybe even happiness if you are thinking of good times.


I remember a while ago, this girl on movellas was talking about her mother having cancer and not long to live.

I read each of her mumbles all the way up to when she said that her mum was gone.

I cried for her because that would have been the most difficult thing to deal with knowing that you couldn't help her know matter how hard you tried.


*Authors Note*

I'm not expecting a bucket load of people to like this, or favourite this, or even read this. But this movella is where people can write what they are thinking or feeling.

Please comment if you are one of those people, no one should be feeling like this alone.

Rach xo.

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