Amazing Songsss :D

So, this i just basically a book with really good songs, or what I think are really good. But most people say I have a pretty good taste in music, so I thought: why not share with you guys? This is for no reason, I just got bored and decided to keep you guys involved with the music I like, and help you find music you might like if you're getting tired of listening to the same band over and over. But yea... That's it..

8I mi piace

1. Current Favorites 12.3.13


Thank You - MKTO


Something Else - Drew Chadwick


Chin Up Buttercup - Romance On A Rocketship


Applause - Lady Gaga


Girl Next Door - Emblem3


Diana - One Direction


Superhero - Five Seconds Of Summer


18 - Anarbor


Unchained - Blood On The Dance Floor


Boomerang - The Summer Set


Say You'll Stay - R5 (preferably the acoustic version)


Here Comes Forever - R5


Falling For You - R5


The Life That You've Chosen - Survive This


All That Matters - Justin Bieber


Slow Dancing In A Burning Room - John Mayor (preferably the cover by Stephan Jerzak)


I Blame You - Plug In Stereo 


To Be Wanted - Plug In Stereo ft. Megan&Liz


Wherever You Are - Five Seconds Of Summer


Best Song Ever - One Direction


Love Sucks - Blood On The Dance Floor

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