Dream Up A Romance

If you want your own personal romance, let me know you name, the boys name or girls name, informstion about yourself, such as looks, and personality, and age. Then all you need to do is tell me a plot on what you want to do with the boy, or girl :) Whatever you want to happen will happen ^_^ So get dreaming up your special romantic chapter Xx

Girls, and boys can get involved, anyone is welcome to comment there dream romantic chapter xxxx


1. Instructions

Okay, so as you know anyone can join, you could be a girl who likes a boy, or a boy who likes a girl. Your experience can besweet and romantic, or serious marridge proposal maybe... there could be sad that becomes hsppy, The posibilitys are endless, that's why if you enjoy the first romantic chapter, I will gladly write you more... as many as you like...! To make your own personal chapter romance, all you need to do is fill out the form below:


Your Name: this should be your real first name... don't worry, no last names are needed...

Sex: girl/boy

Age: this is for all age groups.. so you can be truthful about youe age :)

Looks: so eyes, and hair colour, straight hai, curls... for example...

Personalitys: anything you enjoy doing, or are good at...

Boyfriend/girlfriend: so this is about the guy or girl you fancy, could be a famous person, a love one, or anything. I will need to know their first name. Let me know their looks such as eye and hair colour. short hair, spiked up for example... their personalitys... anything thay will help me ;earn a bit about the person to improve the romantic chapter...

The plot: this is your plan for the story... this could be a date, you may bump into each other on the beach, or anything! you could meet on mars for all I care! The posibilitys are endless!!!!!


(the more information I get... the better your experience)

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