Cover Storeee!

Here are some covers that I've made for myself and other people! Just comment the title of your story, the author, and a little bit about it!

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1. Example!!

HEY THERE! So this is my cover store thingymabobber. Obviously there's no charge. And it's quite simple. You don't' have to give me a whole crap ton of info about the story but if you want to; go all out and write the whole damn blurb thing you got for it and I'll get it. You don't have to give your full and\or real name if you don't want to but I did this one for my sisters. Teh story is on our page if you wanna check it out. SO HERE IS THE EXAMPLE:


Title: The Daughter Of A Killer

Author(s): Tansy, Tammi, and Tabitha Montanna

About: A YouTuber whose dad is a killer; doesn't want anyone to find out.

See how simple the info they gave me is?! Seriously that's the only thing they told me I haven't even checked out the story yet! Well yea. Comment and I'll make you a cover!

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