He's Special

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  • Pubblicato: 5 nov 2013
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This poem is dedicated to my very precious, lovely, seven-year old, down syndrome brother.


1. He's Special

'Cause I hear the music play,

The lullaby goes poppin'

Rappers rappin' acoustically,

That's why I say, he's special.


'Cause I see the sun discoin',

From yellow to red, blue, green

And a moon, a crystal disco ball,

That's why I say, he's special.


'Cause I feel cold breeze rollin'

Hugging, kissing, cuddlin' me

It's summer time, can't you see?

That's why I say, he's special.


'Cause I sound weird after all,

And maybe you can't see,

That 'retard' is not the word,

But a sweet gift of the Lord.


That's why I conclude, he's special.

My little precious brother.

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