Legendary Lovers *Sequel to Love Will Remember*

My life was happy; I had a beautiful family, a wonderful husband, and supportive friends. But that all came crashing down when an unexpected visit from someone from my past found me..

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1. Family Photos

-Kylee POV-

"Okay let's go we don't wanna be late!" I yell "Coming!" Niall yells back, running down the stairs. Natalie and Luke were in the stroller and all dressed, ready to go. "Now I'm ready" Niall says, panting. "It's about time" I chuckle. We head out the front door and buckle the kids in their car seats. They just turned 3 months and we're taking them to get our family pictures taken.

Natalie was wearing a little black dress with a daisy headband and black shoes, Luke was wearing a dark grey sweater with black pants and shoes, I was wearing black leggings, and a long-sleeved shirt with sparkles on it, and Niall was wearing a black jacket (that's like a suit) with a white shirt underneath and black pants. His blonde hair was put up into a quaff and I had mine fishtailed, showing my new blonde highlights in the mix of my deep, dark brown hair.

"Horan please" I say to the man at the front desk. "Horan.. Ah yes there you are! Right this way please" he says before showing us to the back room. Niall was pushing the twins and I was behind the man. "She'll be right with you" he adds before leaving us in the empty, white room. There was a beige couch and some Christmas props ready for us to pick out for the pictures. "I wonder if they have some fake snow to throw around" Niall says as he hugs me from behind. "That would be nice. It'll remind me of back home" I say, leaning my head back against his shoulder.

"Say, why don't we go back there sometime? To show the kids where their parents grew up" he suggests. "Yeah, I would like that" I smile. He rubs my arms and kisses my shoulder lightly until the photographer came in. "Sorry I'm late! That last client was all up in my business" she says, getting the camera ready. "So what are your guys' names?" she asks. "I'm Kylee and this is Niall, Natalie and Luke" I smile, showing her who's who. "I'm Tracy and may I say you have a beautiful family!" she squeals. "Thank you" Niall and I say.

"Okay, so how about we have Niall with Natalie for one, then with Luke. We will do the same with you Kylee and then have just you and Niall together for a few shots, and a few of the twins together. How does that sound?" Tracy asks. "That sounds perfect" I say. "Niall I'm going to need you to sit down on the ground with Natalie in your lap" she instructs. Niall sits down on the ground, legs crisscrossed, and I hand him Natalie.

"Wow, she's pretty relaxed today" I say as Tracy took the pictures. One was Niall holding Natalie and smiling at the camera, and then another one was him smiling and rubbing his nose against hers (Tracy zoomed up so close to where the shot was just his face and Natalie's), another was him "eating" her feet and hands, which Tracy got a great shot of Natalie giggling during this, and the final one was Niall lying flat on his back with Natalie laying across his stomach, chewing on her little fist and staring at him with her big eyes.

"Okay now we'll have Luke and his daddy" Tracy says as she gets the final picture. Niall gives me Natalie while Tracy gave him Luke. The first picture was Niall holding Luke's arms in the air in the champion pose, then the next one was him kissing Luke's forehead, the third one was Niall holding him in the air and smiling up at him, and the last one was Luke putting his hands on either side of Niall's face and smiling (and Niall too). "Cute! Now let's have Kylee with Luke" Tracy says, helping us with the twins.

I sit down on the pedestal and Niall gives me Luke. "Alright lets have you hold him like you're going to burp him and kiss his cheek" Tracy says. I do the pose and she snaps the camera button. "Okay now make him sit on your lap, facing the camera" she tells me. I do as I'm told and smile for the shot. The next one we did was Luke sitting across from me on the floor, and I was smiling at him. And the last shot was me lying on my back, holding Luke up in the air above me.

"Alright, now it's time for Natalie" Tracy adds. The first picture we did was Natalie grabbing my nose and me laughing. The second one was me holding Natalie and my head was thrown back as I laughed at something Niall said (which was really hilarious). The third one was Natalie looking up at the camera and me kissing her cheek. And the final shot was Natalie lying in between my legs, looking up at me as I smiled at her. "Great! Now lets have some shots of the lovely parents together" Tracy smiles.

We put the twins in their strollers and Niall sat on the ground next to me. I moved closer to him, he was holding himself up by his left arm (which was behind me), and our lips were centimeters apart. We were smiling at each other and we were looking at each other in the eyes. Niall was whispering something in my ear, which made me laugh so hard that Tracy got a shot of myself laughing and Niall smiling at me in fascination. The next one we did was a close up of our faces (separately), where only our eyes and a part of our noses filling the frame. Tracy said she was going to cut them in half and mash them together which was a pretty cool idea.

Another shot was where I was sitting on his lap, smiling as he kissed my neck. But the final one was my favorite; I was still on his lap and we were looking at each other. Niall was smiling as he looked deeply into my eyes and I smiled too (A/N Like the 2010 Payzer picture). But in the picture, you could see the love in our eyes as we looked at each other. "Okay all we have left to do is the twins pictures and we are done for the day!" Tracy says, clapping her hands together.

"Do you wanna get Luke and I'll get Natalie?" Niall asks, stroking the back of my hand with his thumb. I nod and get off of his lap. I grab Luke out of his seat as Niall got Natalie. We set them down on the blanket where they were facing away from each other (A/N Just like the Little Mix picture where they're laying with their heads facing away from each other). Then the second one was them lying next to each other and chewing on their fingers, and the final one was them facing one another and smiling.

"That was great! Thank you again Tracy" I tell her, packing up. "You're very welcome! I'll e-mail you the pictures in a few days when they're ready" she smiles. I pay her and we leave the studio, going straight home. "Hey, you remember how I said that we should have one of the guys babysit the twins?" I ask Niall as we lounged on the couch. "Yeah?" he asks. "How about we try and get them to babysit tonight" I tell him. He gets the message and runs straight for the phone. A few minutes later, he comes back in and jumps on the couch. "Zayn and Perrie said they can watch them for the night" he says excitedly. "Yay!" I say happily. We pack the twins' bag before hearing the doorbell ring, signaling that they were here.

"Hey guys!" Niall says as he greets them inside. "Hey Nialler!" Zayn says. I make sure Natalie and Luke are in their seats and Perrie coos over them. "Okay thanks again guys! We really appreciate it" I say as I watch them get inside the car. Niall closes the door and looks at me with a smirk. "Now, where were we?" he asks. "Hmm, I don't know" I say, pretending that I don't know what's going to happen. I quickly run away before feeling two arms wrap around my waist and spin me around to face him. He crashes his lips on mine roughly and I run my fingers through his hair. He moans and I wrap my legs around his waist. He leads us upstairs and slams the door with his foot.


Guess who's back, back again. Love Will Remembers back, tell a friend!!! :D How do you like the first chapter so far??? I figured out the problem and it's all fixed now:) I'll change the cover later haha but I hope you enjoyed this chapter!!!! :D Love you guys!!! Stay beautiful and amazing my beauties!!!:) xx


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