Babygirl (16+)

"Babygirl?" I looked up at Harry through my eyelashes, "Come here" I made my way over to him and sat down on his lap, where he made me. "You've bin a good girl" He wrapped his arms around me, "T-thank you s-sir" I stuttered as Harry's lips made contact with my neck, "Tell daddy who makes you feel sooo good?" he said, "You sir only you." I said, "Good girl" Harry's hand caressed my cheek, "Tell daddy what daddy loves" Harry whispers, I hated when he called himself 'daddy' it turned me on, I gulped "Me" harry cocked an eyebrow at me, "And?" I gulped before saying this. "And your car" "And the last one?" Harry asked, I swallowed the big lump in my throat, "And sex"

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L'autore ha classificato questa movella come rosso, il ché significa che non è appropriato per gli utenti sotto 16 anni.
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