Was it real or was it all in my head?

You have found the dream boy of your life and he is the reason of your smile on your face. You have such a good time together, you can't imagine your life without him. But one day he does very strange, he doesn't want to do fun things with you and also you can not look on his mobile anymore? What is going on here .. and was it real or.. was it al in my head?


1. My birthday!

- Jill.


It's your birthday. You just woke up with sweet little kisses all over your body. ''Happy birthday baby, we're gonna have some fun today'' Justin said. You are awake for 1 minute now and you're smiling like an idiot. ''Aww.. Thankyou baby, you are the best''

He has made breakfast for you and him, but you're not hungry at all. ''I am not hungry sweetheart.. Can we just cuddle and watch movies all day? Only with you, that's the best birthday ever'' Justin smiles and wraps his hands around your neck, he pulls you closer and gently kisses your lips. He lays you down on the couch and put his arms around your waist. He whispers: ''I'm gonna give you the best birthday present ever'' and kiss your neck. You loved this feeling, it's a big turn on. You turn around and looked him in his eyes. It was the most beautiful, sparkling brown eyes you ever saw. You smiled and takes his hand. ''Should we watch a movie today babe? Or do you do want something else to do?'' You asked. Justin gives you a kiss on your nose and says: ''I don't care, if I'm with you, that is just.. perfect'' You think: ''Oh he's such a cutie, I never, never wanna lose him..'' 

You start to giggle and you stare at him as if he has something done. Justin looks at you and he comes closer, you know what he's gonna to do.. And you liked it.


Everytime you looked at him, you realise how carefull he is, how helpfull, and you realise that he is your boyfriend, and that he's the reason of your smile on your face. He's the best, and even if you two broke up, you will always love him. Yeah, always. You know that he's a big artist, and a lot of girls liked him. And yeah, you know that he still have feelings for Selena, even he says he don't. You're a litte bit scared, because you don't what's gonna happen with you two. I mean, he's so popular. And there's so much gossip about him in the magazines. And about you two. What if, what if.. One day, you're in a gossip magazine with a cover ''Jill with her new boyfriend'' How is Justin gonna react? Does he still loves you then? What if he's gonna be mad at you, and never wanna talks to you again? What if.. He never wanna talk to you again? The thoughts are killing me. I need to stop. Now. You know he always loved you. And you know that, you're never with another boy or something. So, why i'm thinking like this? He's the best. And he loves you, you love him. 


''Justin'' You said. ''Yeah babe..?'' ''I love you so much''

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