My Schools bad boy! ( Harry styles fanfiction)

"Come on, Delilah I know you can't resist me" He said

"Don't expect every girl to fall into your little game, Harry!" I yelled.


1. Chapter 1

Delilah's POV

I opened up the room to the class and it was empty. Well..... Almost.

A very cute curly haired boy was sitting on top of one of the desks and looking down at his phone and smiling showing  gorgeous dimples. He looked up as I closed the door and came up to me. 

"Hey babe" He winked flirtingly  "My name is Harry. Harry Styles!" He said with a smirk plastered across his face. 

"H-H-hi" I stuttered 

"No need to be scared love... I don't bite" he winked "So tell me who are you." 

"My name is Delilah I'm new here." I said trying to sound as confident. But that sadly failed. 

" I see your from America am I correct? You got a country accent to you don't ya?" Harry asked me.

" Y-Y-yes" I tried to say confidently but again that failed as well! 

"Babe stop stuttering its not attractive" Harry said while grabbing on to my hands and slowly pushing me back into a wall. "Don't be scared I don't bite. I do much worse!" Harry said with a smirk and walking out the room. Right after the bell rang for everyone to start reporting to their 1st period class.

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