Love Equals Eternity! (1D Love Story) Sequel to LOJ. Book 3.

Please read, "Nice to Meet You Again," and "Love Over Jealousy," before reading this, as this is the third book in the on-going series.
"But I can't do long-distance relationships. Kelly, we're over." Harry texted Kelly. He had sent the message just right after Kelly walked through the one-way security door. She was shocked, depressed, furious, every feeling that ever existed mixed together. She stood there like an idiot, waiting for her man to come back. She waited, and waited for him to run back and say, "It was just a joke!" Guess what? He never did. He never would. He was gone forever.
People move on. Things happen. Relationships end. That's the cycle of love.
The problem was Kelly, Harry and a few others were stuck in the cycle.


1. On the way back to the old life.

Niall's POV

"Why did you run out of the airport so quickly?" I asked Harry with concern.

"I didn't want to have to say goodbye to Kelly and stay there any longer." He replied quickly. Almost as if he didn't even have to think about his answer. Like as if he had rehearsed what he was going to say.

"At least call her... Her plane is boarding in ten minutes." I suggested and patted his shoulder.

"Nah. I'll let her board without the burden of missing me." He finally shone a smile.

"Alright." I shrugged and turned back to Liam.

"Does he seem a bit off to you?" I asked, nodding my head slightly towards Harry.

"Who? Harry?" He asked for clarification.


"Just leave him be. He doesn't want to talk about Kelly. He probably misses her a lot. I saw him run out of the airport as fast as his dainty legs would take him." Liam whispered.

"I guess you're right. Should I call her?" I asked him for advice. Liam was always a trustworthy lad.

"Sure. You can help her work out the long-distance relationship with Harry." Liam smiled.

I took out my iPhone 5 and punched in my four-number password. 

I pulled out my contacts and found, 'Kelly Constancio.'

I pressed, 'Dial.' 

And it started to ring. And ring... And ring.

No one picked up.

"She must have already boarded the plane. You have to turn off your phones when you're on I guess." I hung up and slid my phone back into my pocket.

"I guess call her back in a few hours." Liam said.

Kelly's POV

'Niall H.' It showed on the caller ID.

Harry must not have told them. He must not have told everyone what an ass he was to break up with me at the airport.

I pressed, 'Ignore,' on my iPhone 4s. I put it on airplane mode before putting it away. The screen turned black and I put my phone in the pocket in front of me.

I would deal with Niall after I got to Toronto.

I would tell him the truth. Everyone was wrong. I shouldn't have given Harry a chance. I gave him everything I had and he took it all. 

I was angry not because he broke up with me but because he broke up with me in a text and ran away after I received the text.

At least I was going back to my old life. The one that had no trace of One Direction. Only Angel, my best friend and I.

Author's Message: 

Because of the over demand for the new story to be up... here it is! Please enjoy! If you haven't read, "Nice to Meet You Again," and "Love Over Jealousy," I advise you to read it before this because otherwise it would not make sense. :) Bye for now!

[Posted on March 7, 2013 @ 10:31pm]

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