Kidnapping world leaders and all adults put into in slavery, what more could you want?! A teenage boy grows to hate all adults and decides that the way they are running things is all wrong. He tries to take over with the worlds teens at his side.


1. Chapter 1

Strike 1

Anger and intolerance are the

enemies of correct understanding





'Ting', the door sounded as it slid to the side revealing a sleek and modern apartment with a black and white decor. In the middle of the room there were, three cushionless sofas placed in a neat curve around the contrasting rug opposite the 72 inch TV.

On the left hand side there was an archway that led into the kitchen. It was a glossier version of the living room, the only real difference that next to the overfilled fruit bowl, on the island at the center of the room was a translucent, red vase.

Next to the kitchen was the smallest room in the home, it was the only one that actually looked lived in. It was surprisingly clean considering a teenage boy stayed in it. The bed, which had a plain, cream duvet cover, was ready made in the right hand corner. At the beds end were two doors and behind was an electronic walk in wardrobe. It selected clothing depending on the owner’s mood and what they wanted to do. The most noticeable features of the room were the pile of gadgets and computer parts on the desk with a toolbox under it, they sat directly opposite the wardrobe.

Caleb deactivated the alarm, dropped his pass next to the fruit bowl and entered his room. He knew that there was no point in checking for his father in any of the other rooms for he was never home. Even if he was, he never bothered to show his face. Caleb knew why, ever since his mother had died, his father couldn't bear to look at him as he looked just like her. Instead of spending time with his son he just concentrated on his job as a computer scientist working for the ODF-Opening Doors to the Future.

Contradicting everything he had done since his wife died, Ethan Callas walked into his son's room and actually spoke to him.

 "Son", Caleb stared at him in shock. Ethan carried on, "I know the last few years haven't exactly been the happiest of times but I want you to know that I am really trying".

"Trying? Trying?! This is the first time that you have spoken to me in five years! I was only eleven when she died you know, I needed someone and you weren't there! So don't you dare, ever, tell me that you are trying because you are not!" Caleb shouted.

"I can see why you might think like that but I can assure you I am trying now. It has occurred to me that you need someone to guide you in the right direction and I cannot be here all of the time. This is why, I am getting married again", he paused, waiting for a reaction.

"I...You...", Caleb stuttered, his confusion went and all that was left was anger. "I don't care if you get married again just leave me out of it. You are just using me as an excuse. I am 16 and old enough to look after myself, you know, like how I have been for the past few years. I am not the reason for your marriage so stop acting as if I am. Don't lie to yourself or me."

There was a long and awkward silence between them. Caleb was the first to speak.

"I have work to do", he said not looking at him. "Leave and shut the door behind you".

His father left, wondering what had happened to their relationship that his son spoke to him that way.


Strike 2


There was a heat wave taking over California. The hallways became stuffier as the already sweating students filled them with bodies like radiators. Even the girls perspired, making them more irritated than usual. The boys used the heat as an excuse to take off their tops and flex their non-existent muscles. Not that anyone really payed any attention to them.

Caleb slowly made his way to his locker, thinking about how to escape bonding with his new step-mum. It was the last day of the summer term and it wasn't exactly how he had planned on spending his summer holiday. He spent so much time thinking about his problems at home that he didn't even realize that the bell had gone off and lessons had already started. Caleb quickly grabbed his book from his locker and ran through the school to his math lesson.

"Mr Callas, thank you for gracing us with your presence", his teacher said without looking up from his desk.

Caleb was too distracted by the blond barbie on the second row winking at him that Mr McMahon's words didn't register in his mind.

"Well Mr Callas, if you have time for flirting in my lesson then obviously you have time to learn in detention after school. Now take your seat instead of just standing there."

After a few seconds, Caleb finally turned around to look at his teacher, "You can't do this sir, I have football practice. We need to win the next game to qualify for the finals and I'm captain."

"I can, I have and will if you do not shut that mouth of yours and sit down", Mr McMahon scowled. "What do you kids learn these days, it is disrespectful to talk back to your elders."

"Well your right about one thing", Caleb muttered. "You are old."

Mr McMahon's face went redder than blood as the students tried to keep in their laughter. It did not help at all that he was bald, as he started to look more like a tomato than a man. He began to shake out of anger. "Detention all week", he spat. "Your mother would be turning in her grave, having such a child associated with her name."

Caleb grabbed his teacher by his shirt and slammed him against the wall, "I really don't give a damn about what you say or do to me but if you dare to mention my mother again, I. WILL. MAKE. YOU. PAY." He let go of Mr McMahon and took deep breaths to calm himself down.

"HOW DARE YOU THREATEN ME? GET OUT OF MY CLASSROOM THIS INSTANT AND DON'T COME BACK. TAKE YOUR SORRY SELF TO THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE!" his teacher screamed which made at least 70% of the class gulp out of fright.

He looked at Mr McMahon with eyes filled with repugnance, "Gladly."

The door slammed behind him as Caleb stormed out. Of course he wasn't actually dumb enough to go to the principal’s office, the woman was like a child of Satan on a Monday.

He walked off the school premises, dumped his bag in his car and drove to the unknown.



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