Forever Waiting

I just wrote this poem for a competition but I didn't win so I thought I might as well post it on here. Its about winter, kind of late but oh well.


1. A perfect Winter

Upon my skin, blows a wind so cold,

So much beauty I see, and I forget my woes.

Slowly falls the snow, crisp and white,

A winter sun rises, bringing some light.


Unstained and unsullied, a sight so pure,

It is the work of angels, of that I am sure.

There are no footprints at all, to tarnish the view,

Melted snow on my eyelashes, resembling dew.


My eyes just glitter, seeing this wonderland,

It's the coldest time of year, yet here I stand.

Soon it must all end, and that time draws near,

Now I shall wait for winter, again to appear.





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